Key factors of the Acceptent SleepVue diagnostic device;

  • - The first image based diagnostic device for diagnosing osa
  • - Real time images during a lab or home sleep study
  • - Easily administered by an ENT and removed by the patient
  • - Synchronized to all vital signs for pinpoint diagnosis
  • - Allows for accurate and targeted treatment modalities

The Acceptent SleepVue product comprises micro cameras with LED lighting diodes for proper illumination and imaging of the oropharynx region. The camera unit is easily placed within the oropharynx by an ENT prior to a sleep study exam. The camera unit is attached to a flash drive and synchronized with the sleep study system. The images are captured throughout the sleep study and correlated to the vital signs data including heart rate, respiration, respiratory effort, snoring, actigraphy (head movement/position), and oximetry (amount of oxygen in the blood). More comprehensive sleep studies will also include EEG, EOG, and EMG. 

Accepting Ideas that Lead to Improved ENT Care

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The SleepVue device will allow the ENT to specifically diagnosis the obstructive region, or cause of snoring in each patient, thereby properly designing a targeted treatment plan that is will offer each patient the best outcome. No other medical discipline currently involved in the diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders will have this invaluable tool available to it.

SleepVue patent pending

(Natural Oropharynx Sleep Endoscopy)

One of the biggest challenges for ENT physicians is in figuring out where in the upper airway obstructions are occurring, especially when patients are sleeping. The problem with looking in the office is that the patient is awake, and their muscles won’t be as relaxed as when they are in deep sleep.